Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bangor Public Library's MySpace & Facebook Pages

In keeping with the times & in an effort to reach users of these particular sites, MySpace & a Facebook pages has been created for the Bangor Public Library.

Neither of these sites, for the moment, contain any information not currently already listed on or accessed from the library's website ( or on this blog. Each is primarily intended, again, for the moment, as a means of directing inquiring minds to our website or the blog.

The prominence these sites play on the Internet (MySpace is currently the tenth most visited site, according to; FaceBook is 31st) indicates a value & familiarity each has with Internet users. So, adding a Bangor Public Library presence on each makes sense in many regards. For one, each expands our reach & our means of reaching anyone interested in us. As proof of this, our Facebook account got a few hits the same day it was created (and hadn't even been advertised yet!).

To view our MySpace link, click To add any comments, you would need a MySpace account. Creating an account simply would require a email address & a password. You would be able to use the same email & password used for your current email. Below is a sample image of our MySpace page.

To view our FaceBook page, you would need to create an account first. A Facebook requires the same -- an email address & a password. Once in, a search of Bangor Public Library in the search box would lead you to our page. Below is an image of our FaceBook page.

For more information about each site, visit or

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