Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Little Something for the Terry Pratchett Fans Out There

You know who you are! You stay up to all hours devouring DiscWorld books like there was no tomorrow. Well the British Sky One television station is currently filming an adaptation of the first DiscWorld book The Colour of Magic. The book traces the adventures of Twoflower, and his faithful "luggage" as he becomes the DiscWorld's first tourist. Rincewind, the incompetent wizard, acts as an unwilling guide as they encounter assassins, trolls, barbarians, gods and goddesses and DEATH (literally). The adaptation is scheduled for release in the UK in 2008 so it'll be awhile before you see it in the US. But here is the link to the production web site so you can keep up dated.

For those of you who have never heard of any of this, Terry Pratchett is (in my humble opinion) one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time and the DiscWorld is his creation. The Disc is a flat planet that rides through space on the backs of four elephants who are standing on A'Tuin the sky turtle. There are some 36 DiscWorld books chronicling the lives of the creatures of the disc. Want to learn more? Below are some helpful links.

The Official Terry Pratchett Web Site

DiscWorld Monthly - The online newsletter devoted to the DiscWorld

The Turtle Moves! - The web site of the 2009 DiscWorld Convention (fan is short for fanatic after all)

Jim Riordan

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Maryann just saw a BBC production of The Hogsfather on some cable channel. I always imagine that in England Terry Pratchett merchandise is handed out on street corners because there is so much.

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